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Branches are the different 'industries' in the game. All branches provide something unique in the game required by either other players or the populace in the gameworld. Here follows a description


The Engineer provides blueprints of all the Buildings and Vehicles - It is possible for the engineer to choose various stats of the buildings/vehicles when designing the blueprint. There stats are:

  • Number of offices
  • Number of employees (per office)
  • Number of machines (this is the max amount that can be installed in the office)
  • Quality of the building (1% quality = 12 hours lifetime - so 100% quality will be a 1200 hours lifetime building)
  • Power consumption
  • Number of tennants or passengers
  • Storage space



As a Bank you attract 'customer funds' of the worlds population. With these funds, you can then invest into your own business as you so choose. However, when customers need their money they'll be getting it, regardless of wether you have it. So make sure customers keep coming by providing them an 'interest' on their cash. In thesame way that the populace comes to your bank for interest, so too can you offer 'current accounts' to other player companies if you so choose. This, again, offering them some 'interest'. As a bank, you can earn money by offering loans to other players. The money you loan to them is created out of thin air. However, you'll need to provide 10% of the loan from your own funds. So to offer a loan of 1 Million you'll be paying 100,000 yourself. However, when fully paid back, you'll have your 100,000 back + interest. The maximum amount of money you can loan is determined by the customer funds your bank holds (x10) The bank also has the option to loan money from the 'Central Bank' at an interest determined by current inflation numbers.



Construction is a useful branch to have. You provide other companies with their much needed construction. To do this, all you need a steady stock or supply of Steel, Timber & Bricks. It's probably useful to have a nice stock, incase of unexpected customers. You can offer construction contracts. Don't forget to sign Storage contracts...



The woodworking branch is pretty straightforward. You produce Timber & need Logs to do so. Look for people you'll want to sell your Timber to. People with a factory branch will want to buy your timber.

Steel Mill

Steel mill.png

The Steel Mill produces Steel from Iron & Coal. Steel is needed by both construction & Factory branches



To fish, you'll need a fighting license, and probably a ship too, so look out for those... Fishing branches produce Food. Food is required by Restaurants.



A restaurant provides a 'Service' to the populace. Make sure you set a suitable price for your meals. People will come regularly to buy it, if the price is right. You'll need transportation contracts to get the food to your place though...



Transportation is key in this game. At the start, there will be no trucks running and transport will require alot of capable workers. However, as the game progresses and trucks are being produced and used you'll find you can probably fire some people. Offer transport service contracts to ensure you earn money. Take care though, Trucks and Cars or buses break down once in a while... With a Transport branch you'll also be able to provide taxi services to the populace once you have cars/busses



A farm, just like fishing will produce food. Much wanted by Restaurants, however, a farm needs a piece of land, while fishing requires no land at all.



The factory is the producer of the more advanced goods in the game. Factories produce all the Vehicles (Ships, Cars, Trucks) , on top of that they also produce Bricks, Electronics & Machines. Could be useful to set up a production chain with some of your fellow players...

Power Plant

Power plant.png

The power plant provides electricity to the populace and to players. Make sure you offer an electricity service contract to your fellow players... Players need electricity to power their machines.

Oil Refinery

Oil refinery.png

An oil refinery is similar to the power plant, except that it provides fuel. Fuel is needed for the vehicles (Shipping + Transport)


The warehouse provides storage space for goods. You can offer Storage contracts to players.



The populace of the town need housing. It's easy money. A house needs no input and has no output in goods. Don't forget to set a rent...