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Choosing a Name

Upon first entering the game. You will be required to choose a name for your character. An age is also requested. The age is purely cosmetic at this point in time.

Make sure your name is not offensive or sexual in nature.

To see your character name and information, click 'Character' in the menu - top left

Here you'll see how much money you start with. This is the money you'll be using to found your company.

Creating a Company

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Your next step should probably be creating a company. To do so, you'll have to select the 'Company' button from the menu at the top.

Here you'll be required to choose a company name as well as set up the share amount and price. Your share amount x price should equal at most your characters money.

Example: if you have a character with 1,000 cash. You could make 1,000 shares with a value of 1$ each. Or you could make 250 shares with a value of 4$ each. Whatever you choose basically. Shares are likely to be tradeable at a later point in time. But at present, they are not.

Choosing your first Branch

Ventura Inc has different industries or so called 'Branches' in wich you can earn money as a company. Each branch is specialised in providing certain goods or services.

Most branches are connected to other branches in that they require eachother to function in a profitable manner.

To earn money, it's your task to discover in wich branch money can still be made. To help locate potential profit we've added a 'demand' infographic to inform you as to in what city there is demand by the populace for a certain service.

As a beginning player don't pin your view too much on this demand. It's easy for your small business to take a cut out of the big cake. This demand infographic mainly comes into play when you're a big player pushing the limits of the market.

What is most important to look at is your branches requirements. If you need transport, does someone provide it? if you need Steel, does someone provide it, etc.

For beginning players, housing is usually a safe bet if unsure. Housing needs no other branches once built and function on their own.

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Signing a Specialist

In Ventura Inc you are likely to cut deals with already established companies to get a profitable business yourself. There is a limit to the number of contracts you can sign. This limit can be influenced/increased by hiring a secretary who has a good 'Administration' skill. To hire a specialist, click the 'Specialist' button in the menu at the top.


Once hired, you'll be wanting to assign the newly signed employee to her function as 'Secretary'. To do so, click 'Company' and go to the 'Employees' tab, here you'll need to assign her to 'Corporate' and assign her 'Secretary' instead of 'Employee'.

Buying a blueprint

To get your business going for real, you'll now need to build your first building. To do so, click on any 'For Sale' Property on the map. And buy it. You can buy empty plots, or plots with buildings already on them. When no plot is available, I suggest you look into the 'Contracts' panel and see if you can rent any office space.

If you indeed manage to get an empty plot, your next move should probably be buying a blueprint. The city offers blueprints, and possibly players offer them too. Take a good look at their pricing and also realise that bigger blueprints are more expensive to build as well. So it is probably not unwise to look out for the starter blueprints the city provides.

To know how expensive it is to build a blueprint, take a look at the tooltip when hovering over a blueprint in the 'goods' panel.

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The 'construction score' tells you how much work needs doing by the construction company. So a construction score of 40 like here and a city contract for construction of $2,000. Will give you 40x2,000 = $80,000

Once your blueprint was purchased, click your plot to build it. I also probably need to mention that you'll need to sign a construction deal with a company. The city provides basic construction, but others might already offer cheaper and better deals.

You will need a loan

The money you started the game with is not sufficient to complete your first building. Your starting company value however can be loaned against. What this means is that you can take loans from the city or other players. But take care, a loan drops your company value with the total interest that the loan has over its lifetime. (And your value drops immediatly). If your company value drops below 0 you will be bankrupt and get a negative reputation.

Attracting generic employees

The big work in your company is done by what i like to call 'generic' employees, they are basically those employees that are underappreciated in real life, but do all the actual work. They, unlike the specialists have no stats. However, they provide a base production value of 1 each. This means, without them, you'll produce nothing.

Except for maybe 'Housing' and 'Storage' branches, most branches will need these kind of employees.

To attract these highly valuable men and woman, simply click on the '+' you'll find next to the branch in the 'employees' tab or on the '+' next to the job openings in the tab of the branch itself.

Now, an important thing to notice. People don't work for free. So in the 'employees' tab you'll also need to set a wage. I suggest you try out some numbers, see how it affects their happiness. To attract workers, their happiness needs to be above 50%. To drive them away, it needs to be below 50%. Depending on how pricing in the game evolves it's possible these values change over time. So it's useful to keep an eye on. To attract workers at the fastest rate, try increasing happiness to 100%.

To limit expenses however and increase your company's profitability it's probably best to lower wages again once you hired sufficient amounts of people. Productivity is affected by employee happiness though. And it's probably useful to check out for yourself what works best for you. Bring it to close to 50% and you risk losing some workers when prices for services in town go up.

Check out the branch tab

Several branches have unique branch tabs where you need to start production or specify what needs to happen. Take a good look and take the required steps to get production or services going.

Depending on the branch you chose, you might need other branches to get your business to work. Some branches require transportation of goods and storage of goods. So make sure you have storage and transport deals signed. If you have machines, sign electricity deals, if you have trucks, sign fuel contracts, etc. If you need oil as input, buy it, or sign a contract for regular delivery.