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Busy day

Or should I say night.

It’s sunday morning, 6 am when I write this. I’ve been busy the entire night setting up this website. (As a solo indie developer you’ll find you always have stuff you can do. I personally work best at night when no one disturbs me.)

I found it was time today that the gaming world slowly got to know of the project I’ve been working on this last year.

Before going into the night however, I was in a day of drawing in blender. I come mainly from a background in coding. So my blender skills are sadly, not yet, top notch. That’s also likely one of the reasons I went with a strategy game. Graphics are less vital than, let’s say a fps. What I do bad in graphics, I more than make up in coding. And, you’ll find, in creativity too. I’m trying to create a competitive gameworld not yet seen before.

For those interested, a few screenshots of the work I’ve been doing yesterday. Time for a nap now. When I wake up I’ll go back to coding.