About Ventura Inc

I myself am a big fan of the strategy genre games. However, I find that strategy, when not played against human opponents quickly get dull.

AI more often than not is not as challenging as humans to play against. On top of that, I like the option to work together with humans when I want to. Add to that the social aspect of having someone to talk to and I quickly found the game I wanted to create had to be multiplayer.

So, strategy and multiplayer. Then came another decision: War or Economic simulator?

Looking at the game title you’re likely already able to conclude what I chose for. I decided to go down the economic game route. Why , you might ask? Because, in my opinion it hasn’t been done yet to date.

With Ventura Inc I’m looking to create a game where every player runs a business and has to make decisions that will either help him gain an edge against his opponents or will help him to avoid bankruptcy.

Often in economic simulation games multiplayer was limited to around 4 players. With Ventura Inc I hope to increase that number significantly. My aim is to make it a MMO. (Several hundreds of players per server)

A flaw in older economic simulations I find is the lack of competition. A player can hardly go bankrupt in them. Ventura Inc is looking to be challenging as well as competitive. As a company you’ll find it’s possible to make a loss.

The game world is designed to be running non-stop, as businesses are dependent on eachother and cannot be taken out of a production chain when you go to sleep eat, etc. You can work together with companies of others to produce goods and deliver services at an ever more efficient pace. Trying mainly to undercut your opponents. Or , if you so choose, you could , likely even should, work with others to bankrupt the company that has grown to be your fiercest of competitors.

The game, once released will be available for purchase via this website. I will also be looking in the Steam Greenlight process to offer the game on Steam at a later date.

For now I expect the Multiplayer testing to start late March, early April 2017. These tests will be mainly conducted to balance gameplay as well as improve and test server stability.