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Early Access release & Plans


About a month since my last write up. I thought i’d write some more. Today I pressed the early access release button on Steam.

I hope at least some people will be interested in my work. As of today, it can be played. It’s not yet a finished game. But , with more work and player input i can hopefully make it into something nice.

I’ve been looking at some feedback I received and most if not all want a tutorial. As the game can be very hard to get into at first.

To new players, i’d advise starting out with the starting blueprints the city provides and , if unsure, go for housing, housing stands pretty much on its own and needs no other branches to function once built.

Now, back to that tutorial. Considering it’s such an important feature for people to know how to play the game. I’ll make sure I get this feature in asap. In the meantime I hope the ‘wiki’ pages provide sufficient info on how to get started.

Further down the line I’m also thinking about a stock market. I think it could be nice if you could trade stocks and invest in companies other than your own.


I have a leaderboard on Steam, your characters cash determines how high up you are. If you wish to be first, make sure you ‘pay dividends’ in the ‘financial’ page of your company. It’s also a safe store of money incase you bankrupt and need to start over.

With that, I wish you all a nice weekend.

Happy gaming!



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