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The fun in coding…

Hello fellow gamers,

it’s been a while. It’s actually been too long. Sadly I haven’t coded as much as I wanted to in the past 3 months. This means the testing phase has been pushed back a bit.

However. I’m slowly but surely getting there.

Since the last two weeks I’ve been ramping up the amount of time I spent working on Ventura Inc.

I’ve been hard at work to put together a social panel with friends, ignores, a chat window, including private and public channels where you can chat with other players.

On the networking front I have been debugging my game with a friend who lives in France. We managed to run the game smoothly on his and my end. France – Belgium, a latency of 50 ms.

Very promising. Once the game is connected and loaded it consumes around 200 bytes / second on average. Wich is a very promising number to allow for many many players on one server. 🙂 Framerate ranges from anywhere between 120 and 400 fps for now , depending on the power of your pc. Either way, stuff runs smooth.

Furthermore, i’ve been developing several UI’s, this includes:

  • a list of available contracts
  • a list of goods for sale
  • a financial overview of your company
  • an event reporter
  • messageboxes triggered by the server (this tech I’ll use to inform players of important events)

Also, I finished the economy more or less. This means the populace now earns and spends money as they should.

Still not finished entirely is the transportation of goods between the different branches of your company. (and cities) This is something I’m still working on.

I have managed to get a bankruptcy event in. If your company value drops below 0, you’ll go bankrupt, possibly taking others with you.

Now, you might ask, what is the title about? Well , today I’ve been working on the save/load of the game.

All players will play on 1 server. However, the server needs to be maintained, and backups need to be taken on a regular basis. Making a savegame of all the data, wich is alot, took quite a bit of typing I must say (around 2 work days). When everything works in the end, it was well worth it. This is the result when loading a game for now. (Look at the bottom image – My buildings are half UNDERGROUND) – Now I have to look at what is the issue and fix it ofcourse.

Next up, planned for the coming weeks:

  •  Finish up on the existing systems
  • Drawing buildings, vehicles, icons and add them to the game
  • Gameplay Balancing
  • Start of initial playtesting

Steam Direct

Steam is releasing Steam Direct today and I’ll be looking at releasing the game on Steam. Release will however come after a sufficiently long testing phase in wich i established the game runs smooth and without bugs.

Hope you enjoyed the read,

over & out,

Ben Strijbos

2 thoughts on “The fun in coding…

  1. Very descriptive blog, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  2. Touche. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing work.

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